Developers of high-precision Video loggers and artificial intelligence, telecommunications, GPS and inertial systems, data loggers, CAN communications, and instrumentation.


KRS Race Technology is a Portuguese-based company, developing high-technology automotive electronic solutions. In particular, we are leaders in V2x,Video Artificial intelligence, GPS and Video, data loggers, CAN communications, instrumentation, and data acquisition for autosport and industrial applications. As well as having our range of highly successful products, we also do custom work for many clients and a wide range of applications – If you have an automotive electronics project, we can help.

Video solutions

Intelligent mobile digital video recorder , special designed for vehicle management. Based on ARM processor and embedded operation system , the video solution is combined with video&audio compression and decompression, configured with GPS, LTS FDD and SD card storage.

Video Surveillance

H.264/H.265 video compression algorithm: 4CH AHD anf 1CH IPC supports real time monitoring


Driver monitoring system, advanced driver assistance systems and blind spot detection

Real-Time Tracking Precision

Integrated 4D LTE network connection, support GPS that provides the easiest way to track your vehicle and asset management. Support HTTP and dual streams for local recordinf and wireliss transmission.

Driving Recording

Detection vehicle speed, steering, braking, reversing, opening and closing and other vehicle information.

Multi-functional Platform

Supports Remote Video Monitoring, Video Download,
Remote Alarm, NTP, Network Settings, Remote Upgrade


CANBus interface with CAN 2.0B protocol provide,
A standard bus for automotive computer control systems


mainly focus on the developing and manufacturing of rugged tablet, vehicle tracking device, industrial all in one panel pc and industrial monitor screen etc, embedded display terminal solution


Our Platform will manage the connection between “car-road-cloud” as an organic whole.
It empowers road assets with full-stack intelligent sensing ability through basic sensors.
Moreover, through cloud and edge computing, it enables collaborative management, analysis and execution for efficient and complete end-to-end transportation management.
The cloud platform can also function as a hub for Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communications, introducing intelligent automotive products to various industries, such as intelligent transportation, retail and cultural tourism and ultimately delivering a convenient and innovative user experience